Clever Considers Breaking Orders On “Pop A Pill”


Alabama rapper Clever has been uploading tons of unreleased songs to his official channels, making notifications a must for the rising star.

After earning placement on songs with Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and others, Clever is focusing on himself for the next few months. Throughout quarantine, the vibrato virtuoso has been facing off against his own mind, contemplating shutting off his thoughts through destructive means. However, he knows better than that. And even if he does end up popping a pill to get his mind off his struggles, he’s not letting his probation officer in on the secret.

With such an impressive scene blossoming in Alabama with NoCap, Rylo Rodriguez, and Clever, things are looking up for a zone that doesn’t typically get much love in the rap game. 

Listen to “Pop A Pill” by Clever below and keep an eye out for his other new releases.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bitch, I might pop a pill
If my PO ask, I’m like, “Oh no, not for real”
I was just talkin’ shit to the microphone the whole time
Both my pockets filled with two different things
That you might mix together, some’ like chocolate milk


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