Clever Fires Back At Yelawolf’s Diss: “Get A Life, Dude”


Clever found himself at the receiving end of a Yelawolf diss track a few years ago. “Bloody Sunday Freestyle” found a seemingly disgruntled Yelawolf taking aim at other white rappers in the game such as G-Eazy, Post Malone, and of course, his arch-nemesis MGK. Clever was among the names included, though he didn’t really respond to it. 

In a recent interview with Genius, Clever broke down where things went wrong between the two rappers. “We’re from the same city. Can I cuss on here? Let me say f-ck Yelawolf first off,” he began before breaking down the origins of their beef. He said that the two had a mutual friend in the incredibly small town that they were from who informed him that Yela was running his mouth. “So I get a phone call from two different people that I’m close to that were also kind of close to him at the time and was basically saying, ‘He’s talking sh-t about you. I asked him about you. He said he was tired of hearing your name, and blah, blah, blah.’ This was a long time ago,” he said.

Fast forward to 2018-2019 when Clever’s career is beginning to pick up once again, and Yelawolf apparently continued to target him. Clever explained that he comes from a battle rap background so picking Yela apart lyrically did cross his mind. “He would get drunk, call me on the phone, and talk his little sh-t. But I’m a battle rapper, and lyrically, I feel like I could eat alphabet soup and sh-t better lyrics than Yelawolf. So I feel like to out-rap him on a song would be like slapping your sister and feeling like a tough guy,” he explained. “I just don’t see no point in it. I think that you can throw rocks at the moon, but they don’t reach. I’m a little above him at this point. He’s a little irrelevant and I’m not going to do anything to try to bring him back to the light.”

Ultimately, Clever reflected on Yela’s reasoning for targeting him alongside other white rappers in the game. He said that he found it “corny.’ “It was all white rappers. I think for a white rapper to come out and make a battle record about all the white rappers in the game, it’s just so very corny. Get a life, dude. But I don’t want to give him any more shine than that, but it is what it is,” he concluded.

We’ll keep you posted if there’s any response from Yelawolf. In the meanwhile, check out our recent interview with Clever here.