Coi Leray Asks Megan Thee Stallion For Twerking Help & Says She’ll Never Change Her Body


She’s a carefree rapper who likes to dance her way through her social media pages, but Coi Leray has also become the target of harassment. The “Big Purr” artist has taken hits from the public about her thin frame that looks vastly different than what people are used to seeing women look like in current Rap and Hip Hop culture. Still, the comparisons don’t keep Leray from sporting a bikini or twerking upside down on a wall, and she recently shared that she doesn’t have any plans to change herself in order to fit what people believe women in rap are supposed to look like.

“Get used to this lil ass cause I ain’t never gonna stop shaking it,” Coi wrote in a tweet. “Get use to my braids because I’m never changing them. Get use to my body because I’m never changing anything on it. Lot of y’all do this bullying sh*t to every celebrity. I get it, y’all human. But a lot of people don’t understand how much it could kill someone. If you tryna kill me, just know I ain’t afraid to die. Im ready for whatever.”

On a lighter note, Leray also sent a tweet to Megan Thee Stallion asking for a bit of help on her moves. “@theestallion can I come to your twerk class? There making fun of my lil butt… come onnnn teaaaach me,” wrote the rapper. The Houston Hottie let her know that it’s not the size that counts, but the motion.

“Lil botties still shake doe!” Megan replied. Check out the tweets below.

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