Coi Leray Body-Shaming Prompts Loud Response On Twitter


It’s Coi Leray’s time to shine right now. With the present success of her breakout single “No More Parties”, the 23-year-old New Jersey representative has been operating at her highest level. She’s been generating a lot of buzz as she gears up to release her upcoming debut studio album. Coi recently dropped her long-awaited new single “BIG PURR (Prrdd)” with Pooh Shiesty and has been enlisting the help of world-class twerker Megan Thee Stallion to work on her own skills. 



♬ original sound – Coi

Given Coi’s smaller frame, you would possibly expect a refreshing outlook on the rising rapper from the men that have body-shamed the likes of Megan Thee Stallion (for being tall and curvy), Lizzo (for having fat), and Summer Walker (for having plastic surgery). However, much like how people have acted towards Rico Nasty, Coi Leray is also being body-shamed, despite having a natural body type. This calls into question whether anyone will ever be happy with how female entertainers present themselves. It appears as though even when a woman is as natural as possible, like Coi Leray who has unapologetically stated that she will never change her body despite the criticism, people will still try and bash her.

Coi’s latest video uploads have been met with a lot of criticism as she flaunts her skinny body type, twerking to her new music, and just having a lot of fun. Her comments have been a mess as incels try and tell Coi that she needs a bigger ass and breast enhancement to truly reach that next level in her music career. The response to this has been overwhelming on social media as her name has been trending for the last day on Twitter with fans defending her and her look, calling out how men will never be satisfied with a woman’s body.

Check out what Coi has had to say about this all above and peep some of the most popular fan comments below.