Coi Leray Breaks Mooski’s Heart In “Track Star” Music Video


Over the past few months, Mooksi’s new single “Track Star” has become one of Tk Tok’s latest dance obsessions. Similar to how SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box” blew up on the beloved social media platform, a Tik Tok user created a dance to Mooski’s “Track Star,” and before he knew it, his song had gone viral. The “Track Star” challenge itself has influenced several high-profile celebrities, from Bernice Burgos to Jayda Cheaves, to share TikToks of them doing the dance, but like “Beat Box,” many rappers and singers tried to get in on the “Track Star” craze by sharing their unofficial remixes to the viral hit, including Erica Banks, Lil Mama, Trey Songz, and Jacquees.

Now, Mooski has opted to continue pushing “Track Star” by dropping off the single’s official music video. The visuals briefly show a group of dancers performing the dance from the viral “Track Star” challenge, but the real selling point of the “Track Star” video is Coi Leray. The “No More Parties” artist plays the “track star” who broke Mooski’s heart, and the video showcases their relationship all the way from when they meet in a club at the beginning to when Mooski eventually decides to cut ties with Coi Leray’s character at the conclusion of the video. 

Check out the “Track Star” music video above to see Mooski and Coi Leray’s on-screen chemistry for yourself.