Colin Cowherd Rips The Eagles For Blowout Loss To Cowboys: Watch


Last night, the Philadelphia Eagles were embarrassed on the road against the Dallas Cowboys who are arguably their biggest division rival. Both teams went into the game with a record of 3-3 so whoever won was going to get full control of the NFC East. In the end, the Cowboys won by a final score of 37-10 which had many people within the Eagles fanbase upset.

On Monday, television pundits were particularly harsh on the Eagles who were convinced of their own greatness heading into this season. The team won a Super Bowl just two seasons ago and in some circles, Carson Wentz is believed to be an elite quarterback. Today, FS1’s Colin Cowherd ripped the Eagles to shreds and gave them a double dose of reality as they enter Week 8 with a record of 3-4.

“You’re 12-11 since your Super Bowl. You haven’t beaten the Dallas Cowboys once,” Cowherd noted. “New England’s motto is ‘Do your job.’ Philadelphia’s motto is, ‘Did our job, once.'”

The Eagles were flying high heading into the season but they’ve certainly crashed into a deceivingly clear window after this loss. As of right now, their only path to the playoffs is by winning their division, which means they’ll have to regroup and string together some wins before the end of the season.


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