Colin Kaepernick Will Bring His Own Receivers To His Workout


The NFL is looking more and more suspicious when it comes to this Colin Kaepernick workout. The league has given the athlete, who was blackballed after starting the monumental kneeling protests, a chance to work out for several teams. Many have suggested that this is just a farce, a PR move for the NFL to save face. Others believe that many teams could use Kaepernick and that his talent is actually being taken into consideration. No matter which side of the argument you are on, this latest revelation adds fuels to the “PR move” fire.

According to a report from Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, Colin Kaepernick will arrange for his own receivers to attend his workout today in Atlanta, after the league wouldn’t reveal which receivers they would have attend the event. It’s assumed that Kaepernick would rather bring receivers that he trusts than to potentially deal with a bad move from the NFL. The league reiterated that it will send a video of the workout and an interview with Kaepernick to all 32 teams for their own review. Do you believe that Kaepernick is really getting a shot to revive his career, or does this seem like a sham from the NFL?


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