Colin Kaepernick Workout Takes Odd Turn As NFL Breaks Promise: Report


Colin Kaepernick has been looking for a way back into the NFL for a while now but it seems like he can’t catch a break. After his peaceful protests on NFL sidelines back in 2016, no one seems to be willing to take a chance on him which is quite surprising considering some of the questionable quarterbacks in the league this season. Now, Kaepernick is getting a huge chance as he will be in Atlanta on Sunday to work out in front of NFL coaches, general managers, and scouts.

It seems as though this story has taken a bit of a negative turn with Adam Schefter reporting that the league will not be providing a list of those who will be in attendance. According to Adam Schefter, Kaepernick’s people are saying the NFL promised to provide the list but the league is now saying they never made such a claim.

With this latest update in mind, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and whether or not it all leads to an opportunity for Kaepernick. For now, it seems like this is more of a publicity stunt to make the NFL look like they care but if it leads to a contract, then it will certainly be well worth all of the media scrutiny.

Which team would you like to see sign Kap?


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