Colorado Bank Robber Tosses Around Money On Street & Shouts “Merry Christmas”


The holiday spirit can grab hold of anyone, even those in the mist of committing crimes. On Monday afternoon, a 65-year-old man, named David Wayne Oliver, held up a bank in Colorado Springs and then proceeded to spread some Christmas cheer. 

According to Reuters, a suspect said Oliver “threatened the use of a weapon” at an Academy Bank location and then left with a bundle of cash. Upon leaving, he began tossing money in the air and shouting “Merry Christmas!” to passersby. The fact that he was later caught by police at a local Starbucks, where he was waiting to be arrested, suggests that he was solely dedicated to redistributing the wealth and uplifting people during the holidays. 

This story becomes even more amusing once you consider Oliver’s appearance. News outlets are getting a kick out of him having a thick white beard, causing him to resemble a more scruffy version of Santa Claus. The Colorado Springs Police Department shared his mugshot with the public and it didn’t take too long for someone to photoshop a Santa hat on his head.

Blueface tried to pull off a similar Christmastime stunt. However, instead of stollen bank money, he threw his own money in the air and, instead of tossing it indiscriminately to random pedestrians, he showered it down upon homeless people. 



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