Common Offers To Meet Up With Teacher Who Wore Blackface Costume Of Rapper


The Milpitas, California teacher who was placed on administrative leave after wearing blackface and dressing up as rapper Common for Halloween has expressed deep regret for his decision. The educator’s move gained national attention after one of his students shared a clip of the teacher, David Carter, mimicking Common’s commercial campaign for Microsoft as the rapper spoke on the importance of artificial intelligence technology.

“I was shocked by the reaction, and I’m less shocked now,” Carter said. “In hindsight, what I did was not right, and I own that. That is my error and my mistake, and I am deeply sorry for what I’ve done to create large divisions.” The teacher added that he wanted to return to his job because “my students need me,” and he recently met with Bob Nuñez, the local NAACP chapter’s vice president. 

“The right words were all there, but the right words don’t mean, to me at least, that it will carry the day,” Nuñez said. “There’s a lot more to look into. He was on campus with blackface, so some adults had to have seen him. Let’s see what else there is.” Common caught wind of the news and shared that he wouldn’t have a problem chatting with Carter face-to-face. “I’d meet with him, to educate him, he’s a teacher,” Common told NBC Bay Area. “I’ll break it down to him. It’s a moment we can teach and learn from.”


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