Conor McGregor Has Water Bottle Whipped At Him By Khabib Fan: Watch


Conor McGregor has made quite a name for himself in MMA and more specifically, the UFC. Much of the publicity that surrounds McGregor is negative considering he is constantly angering his opponents and making some peculiar claims about them and where they are from. During the buildup to McGregor’s fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, McGregor was disrespectful to the fighter and had some unsavory remarks about his native Dagestan and the Dagestani people as a whole.

During a recent media event in Russia, McGregor was speaking to some cameras when all of a sudden, he was pressed by a Dagestani man for his controversial remarks on the region. Of course, McGregor met the man with that very same energy and made his case while standing there calmly. At one point, the man threw a water bottle that McGregor avoided, according to TMZ.

After throwing the bottle, the fan was promptly escorted off of the premises and continued to yell at McGregor on the way out. The whole scene was pretty surreal and was quite reminiscent of the time a man threw his shoe at former President George W. Bush.

Now that McGregor has dealt with this fan situation, he can focus on his next fight which has been announced for early next year.


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