Consequence Calls Kanye West’s “Donda” Album “Fire”: “We’re Gonna Score”


As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, we have some news about Kanye West’s phantom album Donda. Named after his late mother, fans thought they would receive the project months ago. There were tracklist teases as far back as August, but it seemed that at the time, Kanye was more concerned with Jesus Is King and his Sunday Service choir. Some have suggested that Donda is complete and ready for release, but Ye’s good friend Consequence claims the project isn’t even finished yet.

“He’s working on that now,” Cons told JasmineBrand. “Yeah, it’s retarded. I mean, look. I’d rather you hear it than me try to throw lighter fluid on it, but come on. If we don’t do nothin’ else, we’ll make that fire. We might…look. We make that fire. Especially when it’s me and Kanye together, you know what I’m saying? That speaks volumes. You can check the resumé. You can check the catalog.”

Consequence added that anytime he and Kanye come together musically, “we’re gonna score.” He didn’t hesitate to say that Donda “would be no exception.” He couldn’t promise that it would be an album that would be ready for 2020, but Cons said the release date is “a Kanye decision.” Are you looking forward to Donda? What’s your favorite Kanye-Consequence collaboration?