Controversial Stylist Ian Connor Announces Jail Release With Gram Update


Not long ago, we reported on the update that Ian Connor was still serving time at the Los Angeles County Jail. The controversial stylist, who had been previously accused of sexual assault on numerous occasions, was nabbed on gun-related charges. The latter resulted in a 12-month long sentence. Despite his time in jail, the stylist asked one of his visitors to take a quick photo of him in jail so he can update his fans on the state of his well-being. In the photo shown, the artist appears to be doing well and is wearing a bandage on his forehead. The photo received positive comments from fans who were happy to see the Connor as not only okay but also still very intuned with his sense of style (that is, considering the bandaid was a fashion statement and not injury related).

Most recently, however, Ian Connor shared a photo of himself which many considered to be a cryptic announcement of his release from jail. In a photo that was posted yesterday, the artist can be seen sitting courtside with a beautiful woman and being all smiles. The caption “Bol,” was tied to the photo. Fans swarmed the comments and even celebrities added their two-piece with Drake writing “Home, home, home.” So there you have it, Ian Connor just might be back.


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