Conway & Benny The Butcher Talk Getting Props From Raekwon & Nas


Today, T.I. shared the latest episode of his ExpediTiously podcast, which features a conversation with two of the game’s best lyricists — Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine. While much ground is covered, an interesting moment arises early on when the pair discuss receiving flowers from their peers and predecessors, namely Raekwon and Nas. 

“[Raekwon’s] like a Jordan poster n***a for me,” admits Conway. “Any of the Clan. Any of the OGs who laid the cement down. That’s the shit that mean the most to me, I appreciate the support from the fans and the people but I’m really trying to impress the n***as I grew up inspired by. I want n***as like that saying you killed that shit — I can really believe it cause I know this is a master craftsman himself telling me that, so I know it ain’t no cap. It mean a lot when a n***a like Raekwon throw his arm around the homies and hold us down. That’s next level to me.”

Benny The Butcher Conway

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Tip inquires about Nas, and Benny proceeds to break down their introduction. “It’s crazy, I just met that n***a the other day,” reveals The Butcher. “Kicked it with him. I was kicking it with Swizz and was like ‘introduce me to Esco.’ He talked about how he fucked with the music. He came and did a show and shouted us out on stage. He fuck with [Green Lantern] and Green like our DJ too, we got a mutual relationship with him…[Nas] was just telling us he aware, he fuck with what we do, it’s a breath of fresh air, he’d love to work. I just let him know how he inspired me. It’s crazy to meet that n***a.” 

Benny echoes Conway’s sentiment about being recognized by the genre’s greats, maintaining that receiving such co-signs are the reason he does what he does. And rest assured, they have done exactly that — at this point, it’s easier to count the hip-hop lyricists that haven’t recognized the Griselda movement than the ones who have. Check out the full episode of ExpediTIously below.


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