Conway The Machine Makes It A Drumwork Affair On “Sister Abigail”


The Griselda takeover continues in 2021 and they are still maintaining a high standard with each project, even with the quick turnaround rates. This week, Conway The Machine let off his first project of the year (and surely not his last), La Maquina on Friday. From top to bottom, Conway offers a body of work that would make any hip-hop head content — incredible production and top-tier bars.

Though members of Griselda do pop up on the project’s closer, “S.E. Gang,” the project highlighted the talent on Conway’s Drumwork roster. Jae Skeese and 7xvethegenius make a few cameos on the project, most notably on “Sister Abigail.” Motif Alumni and JR Swiftz cook up the production for the three rappers to get busy with bars on top of bars.

Check the track out below.

Quotable Lyrics
I made up my mind that with this time I would be better than
Expectations of those in the ghettos that I meddle in 
Seven for the gods, oh God, don’t let the devil in
Tryna hide my demons like your medicine
Okay, now that I settled into this new residence, it’s evident
You n***s hella bent on how you came and went, well, be a man
I bleed and vent on every beat I get, I’m sicker than a bitch
Gettin’ rich, you gettin’ shit and piss, some geriatric shit