Conway, Westside Gunn, & Benny Spit Insane Bars On “Dr. Bird’s”


Within the first two seconds of the Griselda posse cut “Dr. Bird’s,” you can already tell it’s about to be hard. After all, who else are delivering new age gangsta rap at such a high degree of quality? Coming off a recent partnership with Shady Records, Westside Gunn, Conway, and Benny The Butcher’s Buffalo-bred label has been reaping the spoils of hard work and murderous penmanship. Prolific down to a member, the trifecta has been heating up the streets year-round, and today marks the first look at their upcoming Shady Records debut What Would Chine Do

With a dark and haunting beat from Beat Butcha and Daringer, Westside Gunn kicks it off with some insane bars; there’s a clear sense of healthy competition implied within this track, and Gunn raises the bar to a lofty position. Not to mention the incredible ad-libs. Next up is Conway, matching Gunn’s intensity with a dexterous verse. “Hide the body for a week and it’s gon leave a stench,” he raps. “Rappers comin’ to my city they gon’ need consent.” Last but not least is The Butcher, who sounds at perfectly at home over the evil-lullabyish loop. “Sopranos, and Margianos, we got gold-plated Rugers,” he threatens. “This pistol will backflip you and blow your whole frame to Pluto.”

If the entire Griselda compilation is up to this standard, might we be looking at a dark horse album of the year contender? 

Quotable Lyrics

560 Benz and I ain’t need the tints
My weakest scent cost more than your mama need for rent
That’s just one zip, the drum rip, leave you rinsed 
Hide the body for a week and it’s gon’ leave a stench
Rappers come to my city they gon’ need consent 
Cause we already know you pussy n***a, we convinced


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