Cordae Writes His Own Story On “The Parables”


One of the most respected young rappers in the game, Cordae has a world of success ahead of him. He’s setting himself up for an incredible year in 2021, celebrating his birthday this summer with the release of his latest single “Gifted”, featuring Roddy Ricch, and now he’s inching closer to the inevitable release of his album with another drop.

After teasing new music on social media, Cordae has returned with “The Parables”. The single is hard-hitting, with Cordae proving himself through his sharp lyricism and clever storytelling. The 23-year-old tells his life story, realizing that even despite that, some people might not listen. Still, he journals his biggest downfalls, including robberies and more, while keeping his eyes locked on the future and where he can get himself.

The song’s release was accompanied by a new music video, which shows the rapper recreating some of his biggest mistakes.

Listen to the new release below and stay tuned for more from the GRAMMY-nominated rapper. His official follow-up to The Lost Boy appears to be on the way.

Quotable Lyrics:

First and foremost, for every door that’s opened, a door close
Beat a n***a, take his Bordeauxs, upgrade my wardrobe
And Lord knows livin’ like this, it leads a short road
A dead-end, or prison time, where we was headin’
Instead, when I got bread, broke it with brethren
Eyes open, leave the house, move like a veteran
Made a couple dollars from come ups, my n***as flexin’
N***a got a problem, then I can make some corrections