Coronavirus Cases Surpass 2 Million Globally: The Latest Stats


As of Wednesday, Coronavirus cases around the world reached 2 million. The break-out of the deadly virus first began in Wuhan, China in December, while China was slow to inform the rest of the world about the virus, and it was quickly spreading in the meantime.

At the beginning of March, the rest of the world began to feel the wrath of COVID-19, as travellers exposed the virus to places other than China. COVID-19, thanks to all the advantages of a modern world (namely, flying), was able to spread from China, to Italy, to the United States, Canada, and just about any other crevice that man can reach by plane, train or car.

The latest numbers on Coronavirus cases comes from John Hopkins University. Even with these numbers, there are so many reports that China hasn’t exactly been honest with their numbers, so things could be askew. Nonetheless, the figures we have today state that there have been 130,000 deaths around the world due to COVID-19, while 500,000 people have recovered.

As far as areas with the most cases– United States leads the charge, with a reported total of 609,000 cases. For the first time in history, every single state in the U.S. has declared a state of emergency, while deaths reach 26,000. Inside of the States, New York now has almost 200,000 cases, New Jersey has 68,824 confirmed cases, Texas has just over 15,000 cases, while California has 25,356 cases.

Behind the U.S., Spain has a reported 177,000 cases (18,000 deaths), Italy has 162,000 + (21,000 deaths), China appears to have quelled the virus briefly, with 83,000 cases (3,200 + deaths) while Iran reports a total of 76,000 (4,700 deaths).


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