Coronavirus Leads To The Delay Of Next Year’s Emojis


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you would know that the Coronavirus pandemic has been drastically changing the way we live our lives. As of right now, you are not allowed to leave your homes unless you are an essential worker or need to run some essential errands. Not to mention, sports have been completely put on hold as professional sports leagues have decided to suspend their seasons and with good reason.

Numerous events and concerts have been canceled and now, we won’t be getting new emojis in 2021. Yes, that’s right folks, Unicode Consortium, the company that is in charge of emojis, has to delay all of its schedules by six months which means we won’t be getting any new emojis next year. Don’t fear though, the emojis planned for 2021 will be coming out in 2022.


David Becker/Getty Images

As for the emojis planned for 2020, those are still on target to come out so if you were fearful of those ones, you can go to bed knowing everything is going to be okay. In fact, there will be 177 new emojis to play around with which is pretty significant.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a blip on the radar but you would be surprised how many people out there live and die by the almighty emoji.



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