Cris Carter Let Go From FOX Sports Amid Rumors Of Building Tension


Cris Carter is a legend when it comes to being a receiver in the National Football League and in terms of broadcasting, he has had a pretty fruitful career as well. A few years ago, Carter lost his gig with ESPN after telling a group of NFL rookies that they should have a “fall guy” if they get into trouble. It was a pretty egregious comment that had fans, players, and pundits pretty upset with Carter’s honesty. From there, Carter was able to move on to FOX Sports where has hosted the morning show First Things First on FS1 for two years.

According to Pro Football Talk, it appears things have taken a turn as FOX announced they were parting ways with Carter. Based on the report, it seems like this all stems from a beef Carter had with the higher-ups as they weren’t placing him on the Thursday night football pre-game broadcasts. 

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

These broadcasts are hosted in Manhattan which is exactly where First Things First films their show. Instead, the network was flying Tony Gonzalez cross-country which, of course, costs way more money. Carter reportedly took this as disrespect and last Wednesday, he was suspended from First Things First. His firing confirms that neither side was able to come to a compromise.

Carter has yet to comment on his departure.


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