Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Accused Of Two More Acts Of Sexual Misconduct


Cuba Gooding Jr.’s sexual misconduct trial is not looking so good as more charges continue to come through. As we know, accusations first came to light in June when a woman accused Cuba of grabbing her breast at a New York bar. While the Radio actor has maintained his innocence denying any wrongdoing, more women have come out of the woodwork accusing him of similar behaviour in the past. 

Romain Maurice/Getty Images

The latest updates come from TMZ, that detail how the 51-year-old has been indicted on two more counts. He’s facing charges of forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third-degree. This now means Cuba is being accused of six different charges related to three different accusers. There’s no information on the details of the new charges and where they went down but the previous two took place at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge and TAO Nightclub.

“I trust the system, and the process speaks for itself,” Cuba said when the charges first emerged. “All I have to say is the following, in this time and age we need to let people speak for themselves, we have to let people express themselves. And now I’m giving the process the chance to show what really happened, what went down.”


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