Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Girlfriend Goes Off On Him At Bar & Gets Removed By Security


Cuba Gooding Jr. has at least three women accusing him of inappropriate acts despite his denial of any wrongdoing in the number of cases. The Snow Dogs actor recently pleaded not guilty in a butt pinching case and while he thinks he may have dodged any female confrontation he was mistaken after this past weekend’s incident. 

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images 

Cuba was in South Beach at Mango’s Tropical Cafe with his girlfriend Claudine De Niro as a way to celebrate her birthday. TMZ  got its hands on video footage of Claudine going off on Cuba causing a bit of a scene. In the video below, you can see that Claudine’s anger resulted in her throwing a few objects off the bar and sources told the publication that she was escorted from her own party after she got a little aggressive with the security team. 

The latest update on the dispute details how Claudine was mad at Cuba because a friend showed up late to her birthday dinner and when she confronted Cuba, he took the friend’s side. Apparently they’re on good terms now and the silly argument is now history. Cuba’s lawyer Mark Heller commented on the situation detailing how Claudine was “overly playful.”


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