Cuban Doll Ain’t Worried About Her Last Man On New Single “My Ex”


Cuban Doll’s last single release was last month’s “AGF” and now she’s come through with some new-new about her ex that she no longer gives AF about. “My Ex” comes in at exactly three minutes and begins with a soft piano ballad, followed by a high hat before the beat drops and Cuban raps about not worrying about her former man. 

Cuban chatted with Complex about her latest release and what it’s all about. “Moving on to the next, not worried about the last relationship,” she said. “Focused on getting money and enjoying my new man, period.” We can’t confirm if this track will accompany an upcoming project from Cuban but stream the new offering in the meantime and keep it locked for more updates regarding the Dallas, Texas-bred rapper.

Quotable Lyrics

Cuz your S-E-X can be the bestest
When you send the freaky text
I start undressing
Cuz my ex ni**a I ain’t work about



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