CupcakKe Chooses Violence On High-Energy Single “Mosh Pit”


Chicago rapper CupcaKKe has previously criticized female rap as being “very boring and mediocre,” and as a fearless artist who won’t hesitate to hit any of her contemporaries with a barrage of diss tracks or tackle some of the most popular rap songs out, the criticism is valid coming from her.

Thus, it only makes sense for CupcaKKe’s new single to be anything but vapid. Today, the Chicago femcee dropped off “Mosh Pit,” a two-and-a-half-minute track that channels the monstrous energy of the concert tradition that inspired the song’s title.

In addition to the single’s clever metaphor in which CupcaKKe compares shooting up her enemies to how mosh pits create holes in a crowd, the entire track finds CupcaKKe getting some impressive and sinister bars off. The song has already reached the top spot on the US iTunes all-genres Top Songs chart, making her the first female rapper to accomplish the feat multiple times as an independent artist.

Check out the music video for CupcakKe’s new single “Mosh Pit” below.

Quotable Lyrics

Took me out to eat and wanna f*ck, I said, “Fuck, no”
B*tch, I only knew you for a motherf*ckin’ month, h*e
Gorilla glue grip, for thirty days he been stuck though (Damn)
Put it on his top like a crowd surf
Excruciatin’ pain, feel like childbirth (Bah, bah, bah)