Cupcakke Teases Major Release From Female Rapper: “The Game Just Got Unboring”


For many years, one woman in hip hop dominated the entire market, paving the way for many of the newer women within the genre.  While many of the ladies of rap have spoken out against the usage of the ‘female rap’ subcategory since it inherently pits them against each other, the term is still used in contemporary hip hop discussions.

Chicago rapper Cupcakkke recently took to social media to weigh in on the “boring” female rap landscape right now, later doubling down on her comments by adding how “mediocre” the current climate is. Taking a slight step back from her comments, the “Discounts” rapper took to social media again to tease a forthcoming release from a female rapper set to make the game “unboring.”           

“There’s a female rapper coming & boy boy boy this is scary. She’s sick,” penned Cupcakke in a since-deleted tweet. She continued, “She damn near made me push my release back. If you have a release hold it y’all I think the game just got unboring.”

While she did not name drop any specific woman in hip hop, internet users instantly suspected the mysterious release to be from none other than Nicki Minaj. 

Back in 2019, Nicki hinted at a retirement from music to focus on her family. While she has gone to appear on numerous tracks as a feature, she hasn’t released a solo project since 2018. While it’s hard to be sure who exactly Cupcakke is hinting will be releasing music soon, given Nicki’s absence from the scene for years, all signs seem to point to the Queen of Rap. 

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