Cyntonia Brown Isn’t Allowed To Be Around Husband Jamie Long’s 11-Year-Old Son: Report


Cyntoia Brown didn’t want to waste any time moving forward from her stint in prison once she was released. Brown served 15 years behind bars after being convicted of the murder and robbery of Johnny Michael Allen, a man who solicited her for sex when she was 16-years-old. Her case and conviction gained worldwide attention and Brown found a large amount of support from figures in the hip hop community. It was revealed during her trial that Brown was the victim of sex trafficking, so many believed that she shouldn’t have faced as much time for the murder she admitted to committing.

While in prison, Brown married former Pretty Ricky singer Jamie Long. The pair have recently made television and radio appearances to promote her memoir, but as they’ve been making the rounds, reports have surfaced that Brown must stay away from Long’s 11-year-old son. Bossip reports that they’ve obtained court documents that state that the mother of Long’s child, Stacy Kirkland, filed a motion with a Texas court to make sure that Brown was never to be with her son. “I am extremely concerned about the safety of our young son, and do not believe that his father, Jaime, will take proper measures to protect (the boy) from danger,” the concerned mother wrote in the documents.

Bossip also states that Kirkland wasn’t aware that Long had even married, even though they’d agreed to let one another know if marriage or cohabitation with a partner was in their life plans. “I would love for Jaime to spend more time with (the child),” Kirkland reportedly wrote. “However, in light Jaime’s recent decision to enter into a romantic, committed relationship with a woman convicted of first-degree murder, I am extremely fearful.”

The singer decided not to respond to Kirkland’s motion so a judgment against him was ruled in default. Long is allowed to have supervised visits, but Brown can’t be around the boy at all. Long reportedly also can’t take his son out of state or remove him from school grounds.


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