D Block Europe Unleash New Single “No More Robbing”


D Block Europe are the hottest UK duo out right now. Young Adz and Dirtbike LB had 2019 on smash, releasing a constant stream of music including three mixtapes such as PTSD and their most recent, Street Trauma. Their auto-tuned vocals are sweet melodies that ring through their often hilarious depiction of trapping in the UK (i.e. “Home Pussy”). Although Street Trauma dropped only two weeks ago, they are keeping their momentum going into the new year.

D Block Europe just slid through with their latest single, “No More Robbing.” The two rappers deliver a slower record as they detail being in the streets to attaining a life of money and fame as rappers.

Check out their latest song below and keep your eyes peeled for more new music from the UK duo.

Quotable Lyrics
Listenin’ to Gucci Mane, sellin’ Lady Gaga
Dress code to the devil, pull up in some Pradas
I told my n***as remember me as a martyr
Opposition keep on makin’ plans but we smarter

from HotNewHipHop.com https://ift.tt/2N9q1wi

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