D12 Revisited A Chilling Classic With “American Psycho II”


Sequels can be tricky waters to navigate, especially if the first installment is as strong as D12’s Devil’s Night standout “American Psycho.” Easily one of the Dirty Dozen’s most menacing tracks, the Eminem-produced dark anthem was the equivalent to a hip-hop horror movie, exploring thematic territory that would go on to form the basis of Relapse. Throw in equally sinister contributions from a truly deplorable Bizarre and an unhinged Kon Artis, and “American Psycho” is well-deserving of its macabre legacy. 

On April 27th, 2004, D12 decided to pen a sequel to the fan-favorite track, upping the adrenaline for the second go-around. This time, the instrumental was laced by none other than Dr. Dre, marking his lone contribution to the Dozen’s sophomore effort. Taking to an eerie guitar riff and equally haunting strings, Swifty Mcvay, Kuniva, Bizarre, and Eminem proceed to snap with a verse apiece, leaving Proof as the only member to never bless an “American Psycho” track. 

A vast departure from chapter one, “American Psycho II” is an equally compelling counterpart, albeit one with a one-hundred percent decrease in “miscarriage eating” from Bizarre. With D12 World turning sixteen yesterday, it feels like the perfect time to highlight one of the legendary group’s classic bangers — do you prefer the sequel over part one? 


I probably got a screw loose or two
Or maybe three or four of ’em
Some fell out and hit the floor
All I know is ever since my fucking head hit the snowbank
I been a little neanderthalish no thanks to my man D’Angelo Bailey
But I just take it slow daily, my biggest dilemma’s
Trying to figure whether to use the flat head or the Phillips

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/d12-revisited-a-chilling-classic-with-american-psycho-ii-new-song.1987015.html

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