D12’s Bizarre Details Joe Budden Beef With Shady Crew: “You Disloyal, B*tch Ass”


He may have recently called for Eminem to stop dissing him on his tracks, but years ago Joe Budden had no problem taking to his platforms to criticize his former friend. The podcast host has spoken out against Eminem quite a few times, including on his podcast back in 2018 where he goes off about the Shady Records founder for over an hour and a half.

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Budden’s relationship with both Shady and Eminem has been a strained one, and D12’s Bizarre recently sat down with RealLyfe Productions to discuss what he calls the facts behind the tension. “I just felt like, it’s his job to give his opinion, but I really analyzed it and I’m like, damn bro, this is assassination,” Bizarre recalled of Budden’s critiques of Em’s Revival. “He just one of them n*ggas that got diarrhea of the mouth and he just went too far. It wasn’t like he was like ‘I ain’t feelin’ this.’ That n*gga was like, ‘This is that—I will not stand around and let this man talk to black people and make a mimick…’ I’m like, n*gga, this n*gga paying your f*ckin’ rent. What the f*ck is you talkin’ ’bout?”

“Like, n*gga you disloyal, b*tch ass. What the [f*ck]? You know what I’m sayin’?” Bizarre continued. “You act like you ain’t even know this man just because you got another opportunity that’s in front of you. Loyalty’s a big thing with us in our crew. That’s how we got on. We made a pact that whoever get on first comes back and get everybody else. Em pulled me from Dallas. My life was over.”

Then, Bizarre broke down the beef a bit more. “So, Joe Budden was supposed to get a job with Diddy on Revolt. What happened? Do you think if he got a job on Revolt he can say Puffy album was wack? Think he’ll be able to say he ain’t feelin’ French Montana new sh*t?” Bizarre added that he’s not saying that Eminem or anyone else is above criticism, but you should tell someone, especially a friend and label head, “off-camera.”

Bizarre also said he felt bad because it was D12 who vouched for Budden and let him in the circle. They needed someone to hop on their tour and Royce Da 5’9″ recommended Budden. At first, D12 was against it because Budden dissed them on a track. On a conference call, Budden reportedly apologized. They all ended up making amends, and it was on that tour that Slaughterhouse was allegedly developed.

“Everybody helped the process, so it’s like, bro—and before that, n*gga, you was still [the] ‘Pump, pump, pump it up’ man,” Bizarre added. Check out his full clip below to hear more of why Budden’s beef with the Shady crew runs deep.

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