DaBaby Fan Hilariously Takes Photo With His Friend Thinking It’s Him


When you come across one of the hottest rappers in the entire world at the airport, you’ve got to at least try to get a picture or an autograph. The only thought running through this woman’s head was to get back home and show off to all her friends. “I met DaBaby, you know, the guy who raps that ‘Suge’ song,” she would be happily exclaiming to her coworkers in the coming days. Unfortunately for her though, she ended up snapping a shot with the wrong man though.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Running up to DaBaby and his squad as they prepared to board a flight to their next tour destination, one woman tried to get a quick photo with the rapper but she was so excited that she must have forgotten what the KIRK star actually looks like. Posting up next to Baby’s friend, who was rocking a Billion Dollar Baby chain and a Charlotte basketball jersey, the lady snapped a few shots but Baby’s homie was uncomfortable the entire time. He ran off laughing as the entire team quietly clowned her before DaBaby tapped her on the shoulder three different times. At that point, she finally realized she had the wrong man.

Thankfully, she didn’t appear to be too humiliated. At the end of the day, she can’t be the only person this has ever happened to. Sometimes, you just get caught up in the moment. Shout-out to DaBaby for actually still taking a pic with her though.

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