DaBaby Forgot He Had A Movie Theater In His House


Imagine being so rich that you genuinely forget about certain rooms in your house. DaBaby has officially reached that point.

When he made it, the 28-year-old Charlotte rapper moved into a luxurious new home, fit for the king that he is. Inside his crib, there is a designated room for movie-viewing with a number of his friends. However, DaBaby legitimately forgot that he even had that room and he managed to film his reaction when he stumbled upon it.

Taking to Instagram Stories, DaBaby navigated through his home and journeyed into his rarely-used movie theater.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

“No bullshit, I just had to stop and pull my phone out ’cause this shit just tripped me out,” said the rapper as he walked through his home. “No cap. No funny shit. I ain’t trying to flex or nothin’. I forgot I had a movie theater in my crib.”

The star proceeds to show off the room, which has a number of comfortable couches that look perfect for a cozy night in. Considering the times, he may be having a lot of those in the near future.

Clearly, DaBaby has been spending too much time in his studio room and not enough time in his other living quarters. If he keeps ignoring the movie theater and stays in the studio though, he’ll likely have even more money to vamp it up and give it a little upgrade for the future though!

Check out the funny video below.

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