DaBaby Has Reportedly Been Arrested, Taken Away In Cuffs


Following a recent arrest following a hometown concert, DaBaby has once again found himself in police custody. Akademiks shared some footage of DaBaby being led to a police cruiser in handcuffs, as another car pulls up with sirens blaring. As of now, it’s unclear as to why DaBaby was taken in, though it’s likely the reason behind his latest arrest will surface shortly. For now, all his fans can do is speculate on the nature of his crime–if any was indeed committed. 

Lisa Lake/Getty Images 

Clearly, the hip-hop police have it out for the rising star, who Diddy recently labeled “the biggest rapper in the game.” As stated earlier, Baby was taken into custody on Christmas Eve, though he was ultimately released that same night. In the days that followed, DaBaby proceeded to openly blast the police department, deeming his arrest sloppy and heavily implying that dirty police work was implemented

We can only hope the rapper’s latest legal troubles aren’t serious, as it would be a shame to see him locked up at the height of his still-young career. Stay tuned for more details on this still-developing story, and let the Free DaBaby movement commence.

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