DaBaby & His Daughter Drop Video For “More Money More Problems”


In the music video for “BLIND” with Young Thug, DaBaby brings his “grandpa” to the shoot. For today’s premiere of the “More Money More Problems” video, the rapper is introducing his fans to his baby daughter, co-starring with Princess Renny in the Gemini Vision-directed flick.

The new video comes in addition to DaBaby’s brand new EP, which is dedicated to his late brother, who passed away earlier this year.

“More Money More Problems” was largely filmed in one of DaBaby’s homes as he spends some daddy-daughter time with Princess Renny, having fun in the theatre room and throwing money up in the air. The Kirk estate includes Louis Vuitton-patterned wallpaper, the red piano from the “ROCKSTAR” video, and more. 

Baby and Renny play dress-up and enjoy snack time together, with the camera catching one adorable moment when the rapper’s daughter steals his hat from off his head, ignoring his constant requests for a kiss before finally showing him some love.

The video was released in memory of Glenn Johnson, Baby’s brother who passed away this year.

Watch it above.