DaBaby Hit’s Woman’s Car At Traffic Light, Records Her Saying There’s No Damage


We’ve all heard stories of people who have attempted to use celebrities for financial gain. Fans who have gotten injured, or even shot, at concerts sued artists for not providing better security at their events. People who get too close to a famous figure may get manhandled by a security officer because they can’t take no for an answer—only later to sue the celebrity for an injury. DaBaby has found himself on the receiving end of accusations in the past, but he took to Instagram to make sure he wasn’t going to get taken advantage of after a recent minor car accident.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a video clip, the rapper said, “Okay look, I just ran into her car at the light. She said it ain’t no damage, it’s cool.” DaBaby shared that he offered to give her some money just in case. “I gave her one fifty. I said it’s from DaBaby. She said, ‘I’m listening to your sh*t right now.’ I done ran into the back of her sh*t, while she playing my sh*t.” 

He asks her once again if her car is okay. “It looks great,” she said before jokingly adding. “Good thing I had your song on. It’s the only reason.” After she walks off, DaBaby goes back to talking to the camera and mentions that he didn’t make that video to be friendly, it was really proof for court just in case she wanted to come back with a lawsuit. No bags will be secured with frivolous lawsuits on his watch. Check out the rapper after his fender bender below.

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