DaBaby Keeps Watchful Eye On Burger King Employees To Prevent Mayo Use


DaBaby is at it again with his antics. We already know the guy has a vibrant sense of humour, but now we got more evidence of it. 

On Saturday (Nov. 16), DaBaby shared a gallery of two videos on Instagram that documents his surveillance of the food preparation process at Burger King. Apparently, DaBaby has a strong aversion to mayonnaise because he felt the need to neurotically watch the Burger King employees while making his meal to ensure they were abiding by his stipulations. It’s hard to blame him. I’m sure we’ve all had countless experiences of fast food chains messing up our orders. 

The videos show DaBaby, fittingly dressed in a camo sweatsuit, patrolling the border that separates the customers from the kitchen. He crouches to get a better view, and grabs at his pants like he’s playing D and preparing to slam a sandwich out of someone’s hand if he so much as sees a drop of mayo touch it. “Boy I wish a n**** WOULD put mayo on my shit. #ShitAlreadyNasty,” the Charlotte rapper captioned his post. With that level of dedication, I would assume that DaBaby managed to get a mayo-free meal. 

Have you seen DaBaby starring in the hip hop musical soundtracked by his song, “BOP”

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