DaBaby Shares Heartwarming Airport Photoshoot With His Daughter


While DaBaby’s songs tend to delineate why you do not want to mess with him, his actions have shown that there’s a softness underlying the rough exterior. When approached by a young boy to buy a box of cookies, DaBaby dropped $230 to buy them all. A recent viral video showed the Charlotte rapper giving $1000 to a struggling mother who waited outside his show for hours to meet him. He also unsolicitedly gifted a fan an autographed pair of his shoes

I suppose when you’ve been having as successful of a year as DaBaby, these acts of kindness centred on the exchange of money aren’t necessarily that impressive. However, there are plenty of artists who do not go out of their way to have face-to-face interactions with fans like DaBaby does. But charitable acts aside, his heart has also been displayed in his social media posts of his daughter

In his most recent daddy-daughter post, the “VIBEZ” rapper shares a slideshow of shots that appear to have been taken in an airport. In one of them, his little girl offers the camera a big smile, but in another, she is distracted by her dad’s iPhone that is almost the same size as her. DaBaby’s caption explains how his children are what keep him grounded and joyful amidst all the bullshit. “I know the devil wondering how my heart stay pure through the flaw shit,” he writes. 

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