DaBaby’s Arrest Will Be Investigated By Charlotte Police For Protocol Violations


On Monday night, DaBaby had a concert at Bojangles Coliseum in his hometown of Charlotte to make up for missing his scheduled date there earlier this month. He ended up being detained and cited by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department following his performance. He documented the process and aftermath of his arrest on social media, highlighting how the officers repeatedly failed to follow protocol and infringed upon his rights.

While the rapper was on stage bringing joy to his fans, officers were outside shining lights into his car for signs of any illegal possessions. “Unlawfully shinning multiple flash lights in my car looking for reasons to support an illegal search by the time I get off stage,” DaBaby wrote in an Instagram story. “Notice their body language when they realized someone caught them doing what they were doing.” 

The police approached DaBaby once he got off stage, but he supposedly walked past them as he believed they illegally searched his car. DaBaby was laced with recording devices by his audio-visual team to capture any questionable practices that the police engaged in. Speaking to reporters after being released, DaBaby said he will release the footage to proves that he never resisted arrest, which the police gave him a misdemeanor citation for along with one for marijuana possession. He has expressed his frustration with being harassed by police every time he goes back to Charlotte and he is insistent on not letting them cover their sketchy tracks this time. 

A report released by the CMPD today provides the officers’ side of the story, which claims DaBaby did refuse to speak with them. Since DaBaby is being so vocal about the illegal nature of his arrest, the CMPD will be “launching an Internal Affairs investigation to determine if officers followed department policies and directives during the incident.”

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