DaBoii Is Young & Wild Yet Again On New Album “Ywn 2”


West Coast rap has been blessing us with some of the dopest EPs and albums in recent hip-hop history, and it looks like SOB x RBE’s own DaBoii is looking to keep that tradition going with his new mixtape, Ywn 2.

DaBoii Ywn 2
Image: Brandon Williams/Getty Images for BET

Representing for the Bay Area, Vallejo to be exact, DaBoii made sure that Ynw 2 was filled with G-Funk vibes and other sounds synonymous with California’s legendary hip-hop scene. Features come by the handful on this project, with fellow talented acts like OMB Peezy, Mozzy, Mike Sherm, Yung Pinch and the other side of SOB x RBE himself, Slimmy B, dropping by to bless the mixtape with bars. 

While the entire album is impressive to say the least, standpout tracks include the self-proclaimed “Ywn Anthem” also known as “Doves To Vultures,” the head-thumping banger “Dumb,” the Aaliyah-sampling “I Love You Baby” and the hilariously-titled “Bill Gatin” (pronounced like “Bill-Gating,” as in “$131 billion net worth” balling!) that received an official music video last summer. Spanning just 40 minutes, Ywn 2 is a great effort by DaBoii overall that makes a great argument for why he should definitely be considered one of the key rappers to watch for out of the West Coast. In addition to that, hopefully we can also expect a new SOB X RBE project from the 23-year-old and Slimmy B in the very near future. Fingers crossed!

Listen to Ywn 2 by DaBoii right now on your select music streaming platform, then let us know down below in the comments section which of the 15 tracks is your personal standout.


1. DaBoii Flow
2. Doves to Vultures (Ywn Anthem)
3. Painting Pictures (Feat. OMB Peezy)
4. Ride
5. Rocket Science (Feat. Slimmy B)
6. Dumb
7. Bill Gatin
8. Trippin
9. Toxic (Feat. Mike Sherm)
10. Wrong Mindset 
11. Gangsta (Feat. Mozzy)
12. I Love You Baby
13. Idk (Feat. Yung Pinch)
14. Fuck Da Police
15. Let It Marinate