Dai Burger Shares “Salty” & Announces A New Album


Dai Burger has returned with her newest “Salty” track, issuing us with an addictive new anthem.

“’Salty’ is for the ones who love comparing me to every other rap chick,” Dai Burger reveals of the new cut’s inspiration. “But there’s really no comparison because I created the recipe. I want everyone to strive to be themselves, authentic, and not let haters box you in. They just salty.”

In tandem with the new single, the Queens-bred emcee also delivers on a date for her forthcoming sophomore albums Bite The Burger, due for arrival on September 6th. 

Until that gets here, get acquainted with  “Salty” down below.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m too gangster, I’m too bossy
I tell a motherfucking hater back off me
I got the recipe, you too salty
I tell a motherfucking hater back off me

from HotNewHipHop.com https://ift.tt/332HjRq

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