Dak Prescott Dissed By Cowboys, Troy Aikman Sounds The Alarm


Last season, Dak Prescott was forced to play under the franchise tag as the Cowboys wouldn’t give him the contract he wanted. In that same season, Prescott ended up fracturing his ankle in what turned out to be a gruesome turn of events. Since that time, Prescott has been rigorously training to get back on the field, all while looking to negotiate his contract for next season. Fans are hopeful a long-term deal can be put into place, although as it stands, things aren’t looking too good.

For instance, Prescott was recently left out of a Dallas Cowboys hype video, which left many fans feeling like Prescott was dissed by his own team. Now, former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman is sounding the alarm, noting that the team needs to sign him soon, or things can get ugly.

“They’re not going to get very far without a franchise quarterback,’’ Aikman said in an interview with the Dallas Morning News. “They’ve got that in Dak. I think the price tag went up. I think Dak’s leverage went up after this year.”

Aikman went on to mention the franchise tag, saying “I’d be really surprised if he’s playing under the franchise tag again this year. My guess is if he is, that will be the last we see of Dak Prescott.”

The Cowboys had a golden opportunity to sign Prescott long-term, but now, there could be a split coming, which would shake up the NFL in a very interesting way. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story, as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Troy Aikman

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images