Dame Dash & Adam22 Get Into Heated Debate Over Kanye West’s Antics


Lord have mercy, Adam22 and Dame Dash have united for their very own special, the Dame and Adam Show. In one of the show’s more heated moments, Adam takes issue with Kanye’s notoriously pro-Donald Trump stance, prompting Dame to defend Ye’s integrity. “I appreciate that he keeps it interesting,” claims Dash. Adam doesn’t believe that to be enough, claiming “that’s not something we want from the world, somebody who is so ridiculous we can’t look away.”

Dame counters that listening to Kanye West is entirely optional, reiterating that Ye doesn’t owe anybody anything. “I traditionally see rappers washed up at this age,” he continues. “I traditionally don’t see rappers making this much money off things that have nothing to do with music, like culture with sneakers. I don’t see people his age being significant…He stimulates conversation!” Adam remains unconvinced, deeming his support for the President to be “objectively wrong.” “I personally don’t agree with a lot of things Kanye does,” continues Dame. “What I like to do is talk about the shit I do agree with him with…What he’s done in fashion, and you can’t act like Louis Vuitton would be Louis Vuitton without Kanye…That’s the bigger picture. That’s all that counts…Unless you’re doing anything he’s doing, you can’t tell that man what to do.”

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In fact, Dame seems passionate about those in the media “encouraging” Yeezy to begin with. “Ya’ll know he has a problem, but you keep putting a fucking mic in front of him every time he doesn’t take his pills, and get mad at something he says…If you know somebody’s in a bad place you don’t give him a mic.” He notes that the publications who do highlight Kanye certainly reap the financial benefits, and thus the cycle continues. “When he went to see the President, nobody expected him to say nothing normal. He did exactly what the world wanted.” 

“As a person, and as a brother, he’s the only motherfucker that I invested in that ever looked out,” cries Dame. “Ever looked out! Ever looked out! That means more to me than any bubblegum shit he’s done…He’s the only one who ever held me down whether it’s publically or not. That’s all that counts, he’s been loyal…to a degree. He’s the only one that’s shown even a sliver of loyalty to me.” Clearly, the Roc-A-Fella ties still hold weight. Check out the full conversation below, it’s certainly an entertaining one.

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