Dame Dash Blasts TMZ For “Broke” Story: “Y’all Corny For That”


It’s safe to say that Dame Dash is tired of TMZ sniffing through his bank account. Earlier today, TMZ shared a story stating that the hip hop mogul was in a dire financial situation. According to their report, Dame isn’t able to keep up on payments from ongoing business lawsuits and claimed that he’s said he has no salary. “My income streams have all been garnished… and it is very difficult to address the mounting bills until I receive some relief from the courts,” TMZ reported Dame as saying.

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However, Dame hopped on Instagram to deny he’s having any problems in the cash department. In a reported since-deleted post, Dame shared a screenshot of TMZ‘s article and wrote in the caption: “Perfect example of how they always trying to make a strong independent black man look broke…this is the narrative they push no mention of my 24 network or my streaming service…or my galleries just bubblegum sh*t…[TMZ] y’all corny for that but the agenda is clear…Keep it up …I’m gonna keep making examples of y’all by winning…y’all been saying the same sh*t for 12 years ….soldiers will never understand generals…. 2 different languages.”

Dame has multiple companies that we’re sure are keeping him from going broke. He’s heavily invested in art and culture while Dame Dash Studios, his streaming service, produces tons of celebrity-filled original content. Dame also invests in various growing companies as viewers have seen on Growing Up Hip Hop.

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