Dame Dash Hit With $300K Judgment Over Mafia Movie


Dame Dash has faced a ton of legal trouble in recent times and it appears to keep mounting. According to TMZ, the music mogul has been forced to pay a six-figure judgment to an author after a falling out over a film.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Back in 2015, Dame Dash had struck a deal with author Edwyna Brooks to direct a mafia film titled Mafietta which was based on her series of published books. However, Brooks claimed that things turned sour shortly after. Court documents obtained by the tabloid publication reveal that Brooks accused Dame of using the funds and production time for side projects unrelated to Mafietta

Because of the mishandling on Dame’s part, Brooks said that she fired him from the gig. However, this escalated after Dash claimed co-authorship and on top of that, attempted to sell it on iTunes and the Dame Dash Studios website. Brooks stated that she never gave Dash any authorization for that and proceeded to file a suit against him. 

The judge ultimately sided with Brooks and ordered Dame Dash to pay her $300K in damages, along with interest. 

“The copyright claim was incorrectly decided in our opinion as you were the dominant author,” Dash said. “In any event the damages awarded were based on pure speculation so both findings are being appealed.”

Check out the trailer for the film below. 


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