Dame Dash On Attorney Chris Brown: “If He Wore Proper Clothing He’d Be More Productive”


Dame Dash is currently in the midst of three separate legal disputes all involving one lawyer who goes by the name of Christopher Brown. Once again, no, this is particular Chris Brown is not the world-renowned R&B/Pop sensation responsible for creating and selling millions of records, but a lowly attorney on the opposing end of Roc-a-Fella co-founder, Damon Dash, in multiple court cases.  

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Recently, Dame Dash revealed that he was livid with the lawyer’s choice of clothing and his apparent halitosis problem. Now, the studio owner and businessman is back at it again taking shots at the attorney that continues to gun for him on the legal front. This past Wednesday (Jan. 29), Page Six ran into Dash at the Canary Club in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, as he was overhead continuing his onslaught of cracks aimed at Chris Brown stating:

“This dude’s day could be more productive if he used breath mints and wore proper clothing.”

Honestly, this charged opinion isn’t exactly bad advice regardless of who is on the receiving end of it. When you look good, you feel good, thus you perform better in any type of environment that requires attentiveness and precision. 

Currently, Chris Brown is representing photographer, Monique Bunn, who has opened up a sexual assault case against Dame claiming he inappropriately groped her. Bunn is currently seeking a default judgment that would reward her with a total of $50 million in Dash’s assets. The producer turned entrepreneur claims that Chris Brown and his clients are attempting to extort him using fraudulent lawsuits as catalysts to line their pockets. 

During a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, Dame Dash revealed that one of his biggest regrets during his and Roc-a-Fella’s rise to prominence was his treatment of women. These days, the 48-year-old is producing 24-hours worth of continuous television content and supporting his wife, Rocky Horn. 

Check out a clip of Dame Dash’s Charlotte-based DTV 24-hour television programming in the video provided below.

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