Dame Dash Returns To Breakfast Club To Drop Some Knowledge


Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Dame Dash has earned his stripes as a businessman. Despite the antics that tend to surround his name, Dash has continuously maintained his values surrounding entrepreneurial growth and ownership. For that reason, he makes for a fascinating conversationalist — his latest appearance on The Breakfast Club serving as further proof.

Doubling down on his stance against lawyer Chris Brown, Dash elaborates. “He has three cases against me that are all frivolous. He’s lying, they all trying to rob me. He’s trying to compromise my name and do the Me Too thing. What’s scary is people actually lying now. I’m like a target all of a sudden.” Emphasizing that many of his philosophies surrounding business and ownership have ultimately come to fruition, Dash appears unwaveringly confident even amidst the legal drama. Detailing some of his ongoing endeavors, which includes a rock album and several original television shows, it’s clear that nothing is slowing this man down in the slightest.

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Despite his rough against the edges exterior, Dame remains a fascinating and knowledgable pioneer. He seems to have insight into every field, even high school curriculums. “We need to start leveraging our power the right way instead of talking about bubblegum shit,” he says. “Let’s figure out how to pass laws, how to lobby. Why they don’t teach us to be politicians when we’re kids?” When Charlamagne explains it’s cause they don’t make it look cool, Dash is having none of it. 

“This pisses me off about the curriculum at school,” says Dash. “I’ve been to school. They didn’t teach me anything besides math and how to read that I need to apply to my life today. They didn’t teach me how to pay taxes, how to grow food. They teaching me about pi and alegbra. I don’t need that! I’m not a scientist. They should be teaching us how to code. They teaching us another person’s history. Any law that was made when people had slaves should be changed. Most of the laws were made a hundred and fifty years ago to control people. Not physically, but mentally. We’re born into thinking we need to wake up at a certain time, be happy we’re given a job, sit down for eight hours a day since we were kids.”

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