Dame Dash’s Financial Troubles At Its Worst, Can’t Pay Back $2K Debt


Dame Dash’s financial troubles have been going on for some time. A couple of months back Dame asked a judge to end his child support payments since he only made $56K in the recent year and the $6,000 a month to his ex Rachel Roy had become unaffordable. TMZ now reports that one of Dame’s ongoing business lawsuits where he owes $2,400 is also another payment he can’t make. 

According to the publication, Dame claims that he has no salary and depends on his business for income but since they’re not performing so well he has no dough. The only money Dame has coming in at this time is from Lee Daniels who was previously ordered to pay Dame $1.7 million. Since Dame is so far in the hole, the money from his successful case is being sucked away by past bills making his only stream on income untouchable. 

“My income streams have all been garnished … and it is very difficult to address the mounting bills until I receive some relief from the courts,” he said of his situation. 

Dame is also expecting a child since his fiancee is pregnant and we can only hope his debt troubles level out sooner than later. 

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