Damian Lillard Trolls Paul George After He Says He Will Retire A Clipper


Damian Lillard trolled Paul George on social media, Saturday after he announced that he plans to retire a Los Angeles Clipper. Lillard responded to the statement with the comment “Al Capone,” meaning cap.

Damian Lillard, Paul GeorgeIcon Sportswire / Getty Images

“This comment still sting, huh bruh???,” asked one Clippers fan on Twitter.

“Never did” responded Lillard, referring to an incident between George and Lillard during the last postseason. Both Clippers players and Lillard went at it on social media during the Trail Blazers and Clippers first-round series.

“I want to retire a Clipper… This is where my heart is and I’m happy,” George stated.

George joined the Clippers in 2019, following a two-year stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Clippers suffered through a tumultuous postseason, which ended by blowing a 3-1 series lead to the Denver Nuggets in the second round. In the offseason, the team fired their head coach Doc Rivers.

“I do want to clear it up because the notion out there is I don’t respect Doc and I’m putting the blame on Doc,” George said. “I respect Doc. I think Doc is a helluva motivator and coach. It doesn’t mean I agree with everything that was done. They played harder than us and ultimately got past us.”