Dana White Reveals Who Conor McGregor Might Fight Next; Watch


Conor McGregor hasn’t been in the Octagon since October of 2018 and fans are starting to get a little antsy about it. People want to see someone like McGregor fight because he is so entertaining and always puts on a show. Having said that, McGregor and the UFC have been playing hard to get over the last few months but it seems like things are progressing quite well. Last week, McGregor confirmed that his next fight would actually be taking place on January 18th of 2020 but an opponent has not been determined yet.

Dana White recently got the chance to speak to TMZ about the upcoming McGregor fight and even he isn’t sure who the fighter will be. What White did confirm, however, is that they are hoping to get Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone on board. 

“We have nothing done, nothing is even close to being done,” White explained. “So, I hate to even talk about this stuff and say it because it might not happen … it might happen. But, were looking at Cowboy.”

These two have been jonesing for a fight for a while now so it only makes sense that they would be talking about a real match. Fans have been wanting it and Cowboy seems to have been begging for it earlier this year. At this point, it’s really up to McGregor as to whether this happens or not.

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