DaniLeigh Co-Signs That She & DaBaby Are The “Hardest Couple In The Game”


DaniLeigh and DaBaby have been public with their relationship for quite a while now. After months of speculation that the two had been seeing each other during quarantine, DaniLeigh broke the news with an Instagram post of the two embracing, captioning it, “My baby, idc.”

With all of the recent major couple announcements, it’s hard to say who the “hardest couple in the game” really is. For Dani, however, she seems to think it’s definitely her and DaBaby. And why wouldn’t she, really.

On Tuesday, Dani made her thoughts clear when she reposted a fan’s Instagram story of her and DaBaby, one that said “Hardest couple in the game rn.” The 25-year-old singer added her own caption to the story, saying “We so fine”, alongside the heart-eyes emoji. 

When The Shade Room reposted Dani’s photo, the couple received plenty of comments to take their respective egos (or collective) down a peg. Some popular comments included things like “Nah we like nugget and turtle better n tuna and herbo”, or others calling them the “most forced” couple rather than the hardest. Other commenters said that they were the “corniest” couple in the game and that they liked Quavo and Saweetie better. Ouch. 

It’s definitely not a competition, but DaniLeigh and DaBaby make a cute couple either way.