DaniLeigh Explains Online Hiatus: “Social Media Became Hella Negative”


For a while there, DaniLeigh was facing one controversy after another. She received backlash over her relationship with DaBaby and the online tit-for-tat with the mother of his daughter, and when they broke up, the singer-rapper was inundated with messages from strangers who took pleasure at taunting her about her recent ex. The “Yellow Bone” snippet had social media users accusing her of colorism and it didn’t take long before every move DaniLeigh made was being analyzed under a microscope.

DaniLeigh, Colorism, DaBaby, Social Media
Amy Sussman / Stringer / Getty Images

DaniLeigh’s fans noticed that she hasn’t been as active online in recent weeks, and in a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, she was asked about her absence. “Social media became hella negative,” she answered. “I used to be the happy curly haired girl that was always dancing and smiling .. and when u grow, u grow haters .. I ain’t really used to that and can sometimes be a softy .. so time away to gain me inner peace and self love is needed [praying hands emoji].”

Her fans were happy to hear her hiatus won’t be a lengthy one. “I’ll be back with dope content and music when I feel is the right time.” Two weeks ago, DaniLeigh caused concern when she shared that she was feeling lonely, unloved, and didn’t “wanna be here no more,” but it looks as if she’s feeling much better. Check out her IG post below.